Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015

Welcome back to my blog in 2015

I had already started them in december, but only managed to finish these socks for myself last week.


Socks for me

The Kaffeebohnenmuster was absolutly fun to knit. A how-to guidance can be found HERE.

I used Regia's 'Denim Look' color.

As they say there is a time for everything and since I actually didn't have any hand-knitted socks for myself left, I figured out this might  be a good time to try something new.

Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

Solco Sock! Finally done!

Finally a pair of socks!

I dont't know why, but the second sock takes allways so much time. There was knot in the coloured wool and at first I thought there will be a different order of colours (because I alwasys try to have 2 identical socks). 
Anyway, the socks are very coloured, so I decided to knit along.

With tomatoheel and heel flap as toe:

The fitting of the tomatoheel is better then the heel flap. But my favourite is and will be the heel with an extra heel flap.

Solco-Socks last part

I think you know how to continue:

2 rows self-coloured yarn and 2 rows single-coloured yarn in change, altogether 28 rows
Knit 1, purl 1
Knit 3, purl 1
Knit 5, purl 1
Knit 3, purl 1
Knit 3, purl 1
Knit 8 rows
Now the heel beginns. I've knitted the tomato heel, which is convenient due to the stripes. The different parts are knitted in different colours:

I've knitted the foot in stripes without purl stitches, thereby it doesn't hurt if you wear shoes. You can also knit a different heel or a longer leg, if you want to. 
In conclusion I knitted a heel flaps for the toe and sewed together the opening:

My wool was filo di lana sock wool in red and Opal Hundertwasserwolle.

This version of a heel certainly offers more space than a conventional heel flap, but I think it won't getting my favourit. 

Dienstag, 16. April 2013

Sock-Spring-KAL "Solco" Part 3

And it goes on...
2 rows coloured yarn and 2 rows single-coloured yarn in turn, altogether 20 rows

with the following pattern:

3 rows stocking stitches, 1 row purl stitches,
3 rows stocking stitches, 1 row purl stitches,
3 rows stocking stitches, 1 row purl stitches,
5 rows stocking stitches, 1 row purl stitches,
2 rows stocking stitches.

Freitag, 12. April 2013

Sock-Spring-KAL part 2: Solco-Socks

Today the pattern continues:

One row knit stitches with the single-coloured yarn, 

then 2 rows self-patterned wool and 2 rows single coloured wool in turn, 
altogether 20 rows with the following pattern:

9 rows stocking stitches, 1 row purl stitches,
3 rows stocking stitches, 1 row purl stitches,
3 rows stocking stitches, 1 row purl stitches,
2 rows stocking stitches 

Due to the changing wool in everey 2nd row, you don't have to chop the thread which you don't need at the moment. You can put it up on the inside and cross it in every round with the thread you knit with.

Have fun!

Dienstag, 9. April 2013

The enmeshed Tuesdaysquestion

Today Wollschaf wants to know:

Recently I've started a new pullover. For its yarn I looked everywhere! Barely I'd started, I couldn't find the pattern again. When I lended the appropriate book and made a copy, I discovered a mistake and had to undo a big part. And that was just the beginning of a series of mishaps until I stopped the pullover enervated.
Now my question: does it happen to you, too, that you can't finish a project by no means?

Lot of thanks to "Praagelmam" for today's question!

Of course I have such projects. Or another problem: I don't have any more yarn due to wrong calculating.

Sometimes I have the problem to knit the second sock. The first is finished really fast, but the second...
Just once I abandoned a jacket for my husband. I exactly followed the pattern with the stated needle size, knitted with the original yarn. It was a birthday present. But unfortunately it got far too big. My darling could have wraped it two times. That was the last time, I started knitting without doing a gauge.

I undid the complete jacket (of course I had already sewed up) and I knitted a gauge. But no matter how hard I tried, I never got the stated size, even though when I took a different needle size. 

Since then this wool rests, still wounded in balls, on the attic. My husband got a different jacket. Another model, another wool.


 There is a new KAL!

You need: 

- 1 single-coloured ball 
- 1 self-patterned ball with a corresponding colour.

Cast on the nessecary stitch count with the multi-coloured wool. I first took a circular knitting needle. You have to knit 6 rows in garter stitches:

Now chop the multi-coloured yarn and take the single-coloured ball. Knit 4 stitches in rib pattern (knit one purl one or knit two purl two). As from now we do circular knitting. 

Then turn your knitting work on th left needle full around (backwards) and knit in rib pattern again.

Once more knit 4 stitches in rib pattern, turn full around the knitting work on the left needle (backwards), knit 4 stitches, and so on until the end.

Then knit 10 rows in rib pattern: